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Our tandem jump is by far the quickest, safest and most convenient way to experience the thrill of a real freefall skydive. Your instructor begins with a short training and safety briefing.

After this you will understand the equipment and the sequence of events. Then you and your instructor share a tandem harness, free falling from 10,500 feet at speeds of 120 mph or more!!

After almost a minute of free fall, your instructor will open the dual sized parachute and together you’ll fly back to the ground for a soft landing.

Your instructor will take care of everything which will allow you to completely enjoy yourself!


Be sure to ask about getting video and still photographs of your tandem jump. Make your jump last a lifetime!!


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Jump prices

  • Tandem Skydive

  • Groups of 4 to 6

    (per person)
  • Groups of 7 or more

    (per person)

Video and photos

  • Hand mount

  • Outside camera


Special offers

  • Birthday Special

    (*cash *video not included)
  • Wednesday Tandem


Why Skydive?

Skydiving puts all your earthly fears into manageable perspective. It inspires such complete focus of attention, that all other worries, aggravations and frustrations are forgotten. It charges you with such energy and spirit, that vitality lost to the mundane world snaps back with invigorating speed. Skydiving inspires freedom of spirit, and attracts some of the most interesting people on earth. Plus, it’s really fun to talk about!

What does freefall feel like?

Freefall is not the "roller coaster drop" feeling most people expect it would be. It is a comfortable sensation of floating and support, with a slight pressure of air against your body. Freefall is the closest thing to human flight, especially when falling "relative" with other skydivers. In relation to other skydivers in the air, a jumper can move forward, backwards, up, down and all around in the sky. He or she can dive vertically to over 200 mph or achieve horizontal movement over the ground up to 60 mph. The constant air flow allows aerial maneuvers with precision and control.

Can you breathe?

Yes. The free fall and parachute environments do not cause any difficulty in breathing; however some students have commented that it was awkward to breathe during the first few seconds. This is caused not by lack of oxygen but by the surge of adrenaline and excitement of first jumping out of the aircraft. Sometimes when a person is startled they draw Ina breath of air and hold it. When you exit the airplane you must continue to breathe in and breathe out.

How fast will I'll be falling?

Typical free fall speeds are approximately 120mph although this can increase or decrease with body size and position.

What altitude do we jump from?

10,500 feet approximately


We ask that you please show at time of appointment. If you are running late please call. Plan for your skydive to be a half or an all day event.


Comfortable clothes and shoes, like workout clothes, shorts and a t-shirt is recommended; jeans are restricting to leg movement. You will be wearing a jumpsuit over your clothing. If you wear contact lenses or prescriptions glasses tell your instructor so that the instructor can fit you with appropriate goggles.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Weigh no more than 230 lbs ( there are weight exceptions, please contact).
  • Please do not scuba dive 24 hours before your tandem skydive.



15 minute instructional class,
learning basic freefall and canopy skills


20 minute plane ride to altitude


One jump harnessed with a professional Tandem instructor


Approximately 45 seconds of freefall from 10,500 feet


A peaceful 5-7 minute canopy descent with the incredible views only Puerto Rico can offer


A First Jump Certificate and Discount Coupons




In an aff jump you get to use your own parachute system always trained and accompanied by two certified instructors every second of the skydive.

Instruction begins with a 6 hour ground school. Then you are ready to jump following ground school wearing your individual parachute system.

You and 2 instructors freefall together for about 45 seconds from 10,500 feet.

Your instructors check out together, coaching you through your training assignment, until you pull your ripcord to open your parachute canopy.

Then you enjoy a beautiful parachute flight.

We provide radio advice as you steer your parachute to a soft landing.

As you progress through the program, two instructors accompany you through level 3. Then one instructor goes with you until you graduate. When you have completed the program, you are cleared to jump without an instructor. All training is personalized and you will progress at your own pace. The aff training program includes ground school, prejump training, seven levels of advancement, and all the required equipment.

All AFF jumps include an instructor video.

We also provide an Accelerated Freefall Progression to continue your skydiving skills until getting the USPA A License, which you require to jump with other skydivers, formations and groups in different drop zones across the United States and other countries.

Price and objectives

  • Level 1

    Have fun and show ground, altitude and instructor awareness, practice 3 touches of the pilot chute and pull on your own and on time.
  • Level 2

    Introduces the student to freefall turns (jump with 2 instructors)
  • Level 3

    Jump with 2 instructors, practice touch and fly "solo" for the rest of the skydive
  • Level 4

    One instructor, teaches 90 degree turns
  • Level 5

    Solo exit with instructor and practice 360 degree turns
  • Level 6

    Front float exit, barrel rolls, recovery and tracking exercise
  • Level 7

    Graduation Dive! Dive exit, frontloops, turns, backloops, tracking: just about everything you want to show off

  • Level 8

    Approach and dock
  • Level 9

    Fall rate exercise
  • Level 10

    Sequential RW
  • Level 11

  • Level 12

  • Level 13

    Barrel Rolls
  • Level 14

    Packing Class
  • Level15

    Follow the leader
  • Level 16

    Tracking Dive
  • Level 17

    Hop and Pop
  • Level 18

    Graduation Jump


EPIC!!!! Once again thanks to the whole crew, for their expertise, their humility and humbleness. Definitely my most intense experience so far!!! Ernesto and Karin you found the perfect spot for what you love, the view is undescribable!. Thanks again, see you soon, keep flying✌🏼️ View

Luis Ro

Hollywood, Florida
I am finally taking the AFF course at Skydive PR and couldn't be happier. The crew are all like family and so we feel like amily as well. Their expertise is uncomparable. If you are looking for an intimate, beautiful experience this is the place to go. Thank you so much Skydive PR! View

Rebeca Evarts

San Juan, Puerto Rico
If you have a fear of falling and always wanted to conquer this fear, SkyDivePR is the place to go. Ernesto and his staff explain in detail the process of the tandem jump which inspires confidence and made the experience so enjoyable. I can't wait to go back!!! View

Carmen Perez

Draper, Utah



  • HOP & POP
  • $15
  • 5,000'
  • $25
  • 10,500'
  • $35
  • $50
  • $60
  • $70
  • $1,200
    per 50 JUMPS
  • 24 EACH
  • $2,400
    per 100 JUMPS
  • 24 EACH

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